POPNET collaborates in SSHOC-NL to enhance future digital infrastructure

The new collaboration, Social Science and Humanities Open Cloud for the Netherlands (SSHOC-NL), will enable researchers to securely and ethically connect and analyse a large amount of data. This will help them address most pressing social issues, such as polarisation, social inequalities and the changing environment. 

Previous speakers at POPNET Connects

Below you will find all the speakers that have given a lecture during one of the POPNET Connects seminars. Speakers of seminars that still have to take place are not listed below. Interested in giving a lecture for our community …

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Promise and perils of population-scale social network analysis

On March 11, Frank Takes, co-PI of the POPNET project will give a lecture for the Center for Critical Computational Studies (C3S) at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Abstract A relatively recently emerged line of research is dedicated to harnessing …

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POPNET Connects with Pádraig MacCarron and Shane Mannion

In this seminar of the seminar series POPNET Connects, Pádraig MacCarron, lecturer in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Limerick, and Shane Mannion, 3rd year PhD student studying in the University of Limerick, will discuss the structural properties of social networks and whether they are different to other types of complex networks.

The anatomy of a population-scale social network

On Thursday 29 June, POPNET Postdoctoral Researcher Eszter Bokányi will present her work on “The anatomy of a population-scale social network” at Sunbelt 2023, which will take place in Portland, Oregon.

POPNET Connects with Bas Hofstra

In this seminar in the seminar series of POPNET Connects, Bas Hofstra, Assistant Professor at Radboud University’s Department of Sociology, will discuss scholarly hiring between disciplines and identify patterns of interdisciplinary exchange and explaining the emergence and persistence of these network structures.