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POPNET Connects with Márton Karsai

Event - 16 November 2021, 11AM

POPNET Connects with Márton Karsai

Associate Professor in the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University, researcher at the Rényi Institute of Mathematics, and fellow of the ISI Foundation in Torino

ODISSEI Community Conference 2021

Event - November 18 , 12:00 – 17:30

Population-scale social network analysis

Lecture by Frank Takes at ODISSEI Community Conference

ODISSEI Lunch Lecture: Population Scale Social Network Analysis

Event — 9 December 2021, 12PM

Population Scale Social Network Analysis

ODISSEI Lunch Lecture by Eelke Heemskerk

Ethics and big data: practices and principles

Event - January 18, 2022

Ethics and big data: practices and principles

Join us at our event 'Ethics and big data: practices and principles', where we present our research on big data and ethics, and invite experts from the field to share their best and worst practices of working with big data.

POPNET project officially started


19 April 2021

POPNET project officially started

The Population Scale Network Analysis for Social Sciences and Humanities (POPNET) project has started on April 1, 2021. The interdisciplinary consortium, consisting of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden University (LU) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS), has come together to build an open digital infrastructure for network analysis of the entire Dutch population.

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POPNET is a novel digital infrastructure and research community with the aim of unlocking longitudinal social network data on the entire population of the Netherlands for academic research purposes. 

Research infrastructure

A first-of-a-kind research infrastructure tailored in terms of hard- and software specifically for large-scale social network analysis will be developed.

Social network analysis research

Pilot social network analysis studies will be performed on the population-scale social network of the Netherlands, in parallel with the building of the research infrastructure.


We aim to bring together network analysis researchers and other scientists who assess social complexity.

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