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POPNET Connects with Miranda Lubbers and Michał Bojanowski

8 May 2023 , 10:00 11:00 CEST

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Simulating society-wide networks based on NSUM

In a quest to understand larger patterns of sociability in a society and in particular its cohesion, different methods have been employed based on survey data, register data, and social media data. In this talk, we will discuss the ERC Advanced Grant project PATCHWORK, which intends to simulate society-wide networks based on the Network Scale-Up Method (NSUM) that will be implemented in a cross-national survey. We will discuss its unique features, how it compares to other methods used so far, and potential benefits of integrating different methods of simulating society-wide methods.

About Miranda Lubbers

Miranda Lubbers (PhD from Groningen University, the Netherlands) is Professor in Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain, director of the COALESCE Lab, and an ICREA Acadèmia fellow. Her research studies how social networks shape processes of social cohesion, polarization, and exclusion.

About Michał Bojanowski

Michał Bojanowski is a computational sociologist (PhD from Utrecht University, the Netherlands), researcher and Assistant Professor, and R developer and trainer. His main research interests focus on (the dynamics of) social networks and mathematical/computational social science as tools for understanding conflict and cooperation. He is a researcher at the COALESCE Lab, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, participating in the Patchwork project, and an Assistant professor at the Chair of Quantitative Methods and Information Technology, Kozminski University.