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POPNET Connects with Tobias Blanke

27 September 2021 , 10:00 11:00 CEST

Please register for the seminar via the button. You will receive a link to the virtual meeting via email. 

Algorithmic Reason – The New Government of Self and Other

Tobias Blanke will present parts of their forthcoming book (together with Claudia Aradau) on “Algorithmic Reason – The New Government of Self and Other”. He will focus on the big data debates as they are pertinent to fundamental questions of the relations between the governing of individuals and populations before focussing on a case of how these translate into the identification of ‘others’ in the global war on terror using network analysis.

About Tobias Blanke

Tobias Blanke is Distinguished University Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Humanities at the University of Amsterdam and project partner of POPNET.

His academic background is in moral philosophy and computer science. Tobias’ principal research interests lie in the development and research of artificial intelligence and big data devices as well as infrastructures for research, particularly in the human sciences. Recently, he has also extensively published on ethical questions of AI like predictive policing or algorithmic otherings, as well as critical digital practices and the engagement with digital platforms.

Tobias’ monographs include most recently Digital Asset Ecosystems – Rethinking Crowds and Clouds, which offers a new perspective on the collaboration between humans and computers in global digital workflows. He is currently writing a book on the socio-economic position of AI called ‘Algorithmic Reason – the Governance of Self and Other’.